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Purchasing a water treatment system for your home or business is a big decision. Here, Puronics customers can share their experiences regarding their water filtration system. From dealing with an independent specialist, to installation and performance, we want to know...are you happy with your Puronics system?





Are you happy with your Puronics water system?

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Here's what other consumers are saying:

>>Puronics Sales Experience
You were very knowledgeable about the various products Puronics offers. Not only that but you were incredibly willing to answer all of my many questions. I never once felt like you were in a hurry to get to your next appointment.
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Shelley- Livermore, CA
Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>Feedback on our new Puronics System
The system was installed at the end of January and it has been working beautifully since then. It is very quiet, and except for adding salt, it is practically care free. We really feel the difference on our skin and hair and we feel safer drinking a tastier and better quality water directly from our sink.
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Luigi and Licia
Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>Our whole family loves the Puronics water softener
We wanted you to know that our whole family loves the water softener...the water was more pure and way more clear. Everyone in our family loved it.
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Qi Li and YanLing
Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>We are enjoying the Puronics reverse osmosis system
Just a note to tell you how much we are enjoying the reverse osmosis system Puronics installed in our home! The water is clear, the ice cubes are clear, & all tastes good.
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Don & Lynne- San Martin, CA
Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>We are pleased with our Puronics total water system
We were very pleased with your support and the installers did a great job. They really paid attention to every detail. Because of our satisfaction with the products and the service we recommended them to our neighbor and also our son, both of whom had complete systems installed.
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Larri & Patti- San Martin, CA

Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>I'm sold for life on this product
I would like to express how pleased I am with the Puronics water softener product. In fact, I may be moving and told my realtor that the Puronics system comes with me to the next house because I cannot live without it!
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Dealer: Puronics Services, Inc.

>>We endorse Puronics.
We do not easily write glowing letters about products and services. But this situation is different. We bought two Puronics systems. The results are indeed impressive.
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Sandy & Dick- Newport Beach, CA
Dealer: West Coast Water Filtration

>>Thank you so much.
You have converted us from being skeptics to complete fans. Simple daily things like taking a shower, drinking fresh tasting coffee and getting clean tasting ice are now something we look forward to every day.
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Rahul and Mita Sandil
Dealer: West Coast Water Filtration

>>Thank you for the wonderful Puronics system
Thank you for showing up at our door and literally showing us that we needed to invest in a system sooner than later and then surprising us how affordable a Puronics system is.
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Jason Torres, Santa Ana, CA
Dealer: West Coast Water Filtration

>>We are satisfied with the system - thank you.
My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and with this weather she gets heat rashes, but her bumps are clearing up since we started bathing her with the filtered water. My skin feels much softer which means I don't have to apply as much lotion.
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Laura Mendoza - Westlake, CA
Dealer: Ameritek

>>I am very glad to have this system in my new home
My representative Gustavo was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He showed me the difference between my water I currently use and the Puronics clean water. I loved how he broke down currently how much I spend on water and cleaning supplies and how much I will be saving using the Puronics Clean Water System. I am a single mother and new home owner. I never thought I would be able to afford the Clean Water System. My children have excema so I am very glad to have this system in my home. Again thanks so much Gustavo for your time, patience and professionalism.

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Desiree Taylor, CA

>> Very professional sales and installation
Just got the puronics water softer and purification system installed in our home. This review is for the sales process through costco and the quality of the installation. I give both the persons Oscar (sales) and Dimitri (installtion) excellent ratings. They are professionals, know the product and did a good job with the installation.

Cindy - Dublin, CA
Dealer : Livermore Costco

>> The Best
This filtration system turned our well water into better than the city water that we used to have in town. The RO system made our drinking water and ice cubes crystal clear . Would recommened this system to anyone with bad water. The service from our sales and install team
has been the best ever. We also use pottasium instead of salt for safe use on plants.

Mike Baker - Reding, CA
Dealer : Rivers West

>> Plumbing work done well
We have a whole house system already. To get a cheaper price, we did the monthly maintenance. We took advantage of that to have Puronics do some "other" plumbing work. Dimitry came out and did a great job repairing the plumbing in a shower to make it like new again. He was able to make the existing parts work so we didn't have to purchase anything new. He also diagnosed that we had a bad main valve and quickly installed a new one for a reasonable cost. It was actually a bit amazing how fast he had that part done. All in all, it was a pretty good experience.

Ken Feliciano - Santa Clara, CA

>> Good experience
I have enjoyed Puronics until recently when water was back to tasting as it was earlier. Had a call with Puronics. Customer Service promptly help schedule a service. Ammar, the tech, provided great service. He arrived on time and quickly figured out the problem. Salt bridge had formed resulting in Salt level to remain same on the top while creating a hollow space at the bottom of the tank. He patiently explained the problem and fixed it in 10 mins by tapping around the tank to loosen salt to bottom. He also inspected the Water heater and gave few tips for enjoying better water quality.

I would like to thank Ammar and Puronics!

Nitu S - Livermore, CA
Dealer : Puronics, Livermore CA

>> Dimitri did a great job!
I wanted to give feedback on my recent install of a water system with Dimitri. Dimitri did a great job with the installation, was very respectful of my home and was great at following up when the system had issues.

Neena Rao - Sunnyvale, CA

>> Installation of Terminator water softener
Ammar (Technician) who came to install was very professional and courteous. He explained me all my questions and did the job perfectly.

Mallik - Brentwood, CA
Dealer : Puronics, Livermore CA

>> I no longer need to buy water for our water bottles
We were looking for a reverse osmosis system to create drinking water the same or better than bottled. My family is extremely fussy about the taste of the water, and none of the store bought systems provided a clean taste. Our reverse osmosis system has worked out great, better than expected. I no longer need to buy water for our water bottles. We have seen an improvement in everything we use the RO water for. I would highly recommend this system. James was a pleasure to work with, answered all our questions and made sure that we were satisfied after the installation.

Nandan - Chandler, AZ
Dealer : H2Pure

>>We were all happier with our morning showers!
Recently moved to Phoenix from the east coast, my family noticed dry, itchy skin, out of control hair, psoriasis, "bad" tasting, and hard water build up on the faucets and appliances. We had a vendor to our house, then explored other vendors at the Home Show.

The result of our exploration brought H2Pure, to our home. Being in sales myself, I was and am critical of sales people. H2Pure worked directly with us, never using those "threatening" statements of how bad the water can be for us, etc, never pressured us, and never appeared annoyed by the number of questions we asked.

Never one to give a high rating for anything, my husband and I believe that H2Pure deserves the highest rating we can give them James (owner) is a hard worker, and we believe he will work hard for every one of his customers. He was with us every step of the way, from the in home demonstration, to the plumbing site inspection, through to the install. AND a follow up call the next morning to see if "we were all happier with our morning showers"!!

Our Puronics' system was recently installed, and there is a definite taste difference for the better, soap performance for the better, and our skin didn't have the white streaks of dryness on them. Our daughters have already made reference to how much more smooth their hair feels...

As for pricing, it is VERY competitive... As for Customer Service, you can't ask for a better company to take care of your family and you.......We look forward to many years of softer, better tasting water, with an easy to use systems, and a who care for their customers...

Renee - Phoenix, AZ
Dealer :

>>My system is now 32 years old!
I purchased a General Ionics water softener/conditioner in 1978. My system is now 32 years old and has been reconditioned to work like new at a significantly lower price than purchasing a new system.
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Dealer: The Water Company

>>This system is well worth the investment
This is by far the most wholesome and beneficial approach to a cleaner, healthier way of life that I have discovered in recent years.
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Denise, Beacon of Hope Resource Center- New Orleans, LA

Dealer: The Water Company

>>Our whole family loves the Puronics water softener.
I want to thank you for the twenty plus years of service, with the General Ionics Water Conditioner. If we ever have a problem, you always resolve it within the same day.
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Craig, Real Estate Developer- River Ridge, LA
Dealer: The Water Company

>>I cannot think of being without my water system
I am so pleased to have my Water Filter system, it is wonderful to have clean and safe water to drink and cook and wash clothes with.
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Dealer: The Water Company

>>I don't know anything that lasts that long
I purchased my water filter back in 1983. Earlier this year we noticed our water tasted unfiltered. I called for your service staff to investigate. It was determined that the valve and media needed replacement. In other words, after 27 years, the filter has worn out. I don't know anything that lasts that long.
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Tom- Metairie, LA
Dealer: The Water Company

>>Quality water is essential to our industry
Quality water is essential to our industry. It is not only important for our ware washing but also, for the quality of all food, carbonated beverages, iced tea, and coffee.
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Mark, Pascal's Manale Restaurant- New Orleans, LA
Dealer: The Water Company

>>The water filter has been a blessing
Thank you for introducing us to a wonderful product and lifestyle change. The water filter has been a blessing as well as money well spent.
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Sharon- New Orleans, LA
Dealer: The Water Company

Tell us about your experience: We recently moved into a house with an old
MIVSH series water purifying system installed. I have been looking for an
owners manual online and couldn't find one. I sent an email on Saturday
anticipating a reply on Monday. Within 15 minutes i received a call from
Mike in the Columbus, Oh office. I was shocked! He took the time and
explained a lot to me and gave me this website to set a free service
check/call to check my system and give me a full explanation of how
everything works.
Paul Clancey- Terrytown, La

>>Had Puronics system now for almost 16 years. Love it
I have had the Puronics (Ionics/Fidelity) Filtramax and Micromax since 1998. Never had a problem. Water is always great.

I follow the instructions and have the filter changed every couple years and the hygiene when it necessary. I just had them both changed today. The process is always very smooth. The service technicians always know what they are doing. Today Mike did a great job.
Charles Kline - Los Altos, CA
Dealer: Directly from Ionics Fildelity Purewater (now Puronics)

>> I'll never buy bottled water again!
I've been purchasing bottled water for a long time. When I decided to have a RO system installed, I was expecting something that would be “good enough” too keep me from having to lug cases of water up the stairs anymore. Put simply, I should have done this sooner. The difference in taste (or lack of taste) is dramatic. The filtered water from your fridge might be better than from the tap... but it's not on the same playing field as what the Micromax 6000 delivers.

The real test came from my wife. She's very particular about the water she drinks. When she tried the RO water for the first time, she was wowed by it. Well done Puronics!
David Kennedy - Martinez, CA
Dealer: Puronics (Michael Kennedy)

>>Enjoying the impact of our new filtration system.
I had the Ionics system in my house for over 31 years. Recently,
it finally succumbed to age and it was torture for the week plus that we had
to go without a system...chlorine smell, no soap suds, etc. We hated it.
Puronics was quick to install the new system in the same space with no
headaches. We are ecstatic to be back "on line" and enjoying the impact of
our new filtration system.
Dealer : Puronics, Pittsburgh

>>I am also very pleased with the ease of doing business with your company.
Mike is an excellent service technician. He is always pleasant and is very
knowledgeable! I always request a call to notify me of his estimated time
of arrival. Mike always calls to inform me when he is on his way. This is
much appreciated! He has been our service technician for a long time and
knows where our salt is stored, where the conditioner is and is the person
who installed our new unit. Mike always asks if I have questions, issues or
if there is anything else that needs service or attention. This is a very
nice touch! Mike definitely has excellent technical skills, people skills
and provides excellent customer satisfaction. He is a true asset to the
Puronics/General Ionics organization!!

I am also very pleased with the ease of doing business with your company.
When ordering salt, I normally speak to you Diana. You are always pleasant
and flexible in arranging a workable deliver time. This is much

We are very pleased with the service that we receive from your company. We
have been at our current location for 12 years and have received excellent
service from you during this time! Lastly, we are very pleased with our new
unit and would highly recommend your products and services to others.

Please feel free to share this information with Mike and others in your
company. Please let me know if you have any questions or require further
Tina Barnett
Dealer : Columbus OH

>>Our rep is thorough and professional!
We are very happy with the service provided from Mike. He is very thorough and professional!
M. Suver
Dealer : Columbus OH

>>Completely satisfied!
Mike our tech was prompt and very courteous and spoke of the plumbing services you now offer. Patty, as always, is a pleasure to talk to when scheduling. She is always very helpful and friendly.

I have always encountered great customer service from your company - thank you very much. You would think with the economy the way it is all service oriented companies would focus on customer service, but they don't. You should be commended on the excellent job that your company does with their customers.
Tonya Morris
Dealer : Columbus OH

>>Very Happy
We purchased our Puronics Water System in the fall of 2012 and are quite happy with the product. We no longer spend hours every month trying to clean hard water stains on our shower glass, toilets, and dishes, and our skins feel less dry after washing. I also noticed that our clothes no longer require fabric softener. We’re also satisfied with its customer service (the sales rep was very helpful and really worked with us to customize the system to our needs without any pressure to buy), and we would recommend the system without reservation.
Luke & Jenis Choi
Dealer : Cleveland OH

>>Review of service visit
I had good experience with a service visit today. I cannot read the technicians last name on the work order but his first name was Mike. (work order # 300356). Said he was new to the company. Very pleasant and professional - appeared motivated to do a good and thorough job. Hope you have more like him.
Puronics Retail Services Inc - Stow Ohio

>>Homeowner and Puronics Customer since 1979
We have had a Puronics System in our home since 1979 and your company has provided excellent quality water service since day one. We have had virtually no problems with the system, and basically only require a routine filter change/maintenance evaluation and a replenishment of salt supply. But I have to comment on the outstanding technician assigned to my home for the latest routine filter change/evaluation of the system and delivery of salt. Tracy Badson provided a most excellent home visit. He was exceptional at performing customer
service, testing our water and unit to ensure it is in proper working order, explained how best to care for the unit, answered questions, explained everything thoroughly and informed me of the expansion of your company and your mission to also include clean air as well as clean water, and brought to my attention your new service agreements. I was very impressed with Tracy's attention to detail, sincerity, compassion and consideration . Tracy was informative, personable, thorough, and professional. What stood out to me most was that Tracy is a very honest and sincere individual and I would trust his guidance and suggestions because I feel he wouldn't ever 'sell' me on products and services I didn't really need. So, if Tracy said I needed something, I would trust his judgment and appreciate having that kind of confidence in your products and company. I would hope you would never let a quality individual like Tracy ever go as I believe he has potential to rise in your company in other capacities. While he might be trained as a Technician, he clearly has many other attributes that would serve your company well - and it my pleasure to let you know of this individuals most impressive representation of Puronics Products and Services.

Mike Dragas - Timberlake, Ohio
Dealer: Puronics of Stow Ohio

>>About our Technician
Tracy tonkovich (service tech) was very pleasant, knowledgeable and answered every question that i had plus he told me things about my unit that I needed to know. Tracy wasn't pushy, but did tell me about a new unit that may be beneficial for our home. Over all we are very happy he was our tech , on our next service call we will request him

John Fuller - Cincinnati, Ohio
Dealer: In home when we purchased it

>>Service Call on Existing Unit
We have had a Puronics System for over 16 years. Have been extremely happy with it. It was time for a filter replacement and I mentioned to the Service Tech that it did not seem to be
working properly. Upon examination he found that there were a couple of parts broken. To repair the existing unit would be almost 1/2 of the price for a new upgraded one. His name was Don and he was extremely knowledgeable about the units. We decided to Club Membership (which we had never been told about before) and also to upgrade the system.

William Weber - West Chester, OH
Dealer: Initial purchase was over 16 years ago. The upgrade was purchased from Don Lavoie.

>>I will continue to do business with your company
I just had my updated system installed. I need to tell you the two men who installed the system were excellent--friendly, professional and able and willing to answer all my questions and insure I understood the system, etc. They both were named Doug but I don't have last names. I hope you take time to ensure they are complimented on their work. Because of them I will continue to do business with your company.

Susan Kemp - Fairfield, OH

>> Review on Service Representative
Don Lavole, service technician, tried to repair our system, but to no avail. We purchased this Puronics system in 2/1984 and we have loved it!!!

But our old system finally gave up...after 30 years of excellent service.

Don is an excellent service technician for your company and we appreciate everything he has done for us and because of the product and him we have upgraded our system. One day of drinking our unconditioned water and we had to go buy water to drink for the very first time.

He is very professional and you are lucky to have such an excellent representative for your company!

Diana Slater - Williamsburg, Ohio
Dealer: Puronics Service, Enterprise Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

>>Great Service
Tracy Tonkovich is a service technician with Puronics and came today to check out our water system. It turns out that the unit had not been serviced for over eight years, and needed rather extensive repairs. Terry took the time to itemize what the repairs might be called for, carefully explained why, and showed us other options.
He was professional, polite, personable and knowledgeable. He went far beyond customer service, to customer satisfaction.

Rev. Cynthia Jane Collins - Cincinnati, Ohio
Dealer: Puronics Service, inc. Cincinnati , Ohio

>>Upgrade of Puronic water softener & Purifier unit
Tell us about your experience: After 31 years of excellent performance, our Puronic unit finally gave out. We upgraded to a new unit. We loved the digital unit that now schedules time of recycling which is far mot convenient to the mechanical unit in the older unit. The representative, Tracy Tonkovich was very knowledgable and curteous, and the gentleman, Doug, who arrived two days later to install the new unit was very professional and polite. Congratulations to Puronics for having such excellent professionals in your employ.

William R. Spears- Batavia, OH
Dealer: Puronics Service Inc., Cincinnati, OH

>>Extremely Excellent Service
We have been customers with Ionics for over ten years. First buying a water conditioner and under counter water purifier. We have been very satisfied with both. This past week it was time
for service and a salt delivery. We were ask if we wanted our water heater checked, which he did. It needed to be replaced. He also checked our conditioner as the water was hard. Unfortunately that needed to be replaced as well. We have had Mike Shaner many times over the ten plus years. You need to know that he is one of the finest service men to ever call on us. He is very specific and thorough with any problem that needs to be addressed. His personal appearance is always clean. Uniform is always neat and clean. He has a great personality and handles clients courteously, with respect and answers questions when ask that anyone can understand. You should be very proud that you have Mike as an employee as he represents Puronics in a way that gives credit to himself and the company. He should be rewarded for his
excellent service as your employee.

Chuck & Donna Mann - Columbus, OH
Dealer: Puronics, 374

>>Customer Support
I have had great service with Puronics. Of the people to service my unit, I am so happy to see Brian Moore at my door. He explains everything to me and gives me honest options to keeping my water conditioner working to it fullest potential. My family and I can tell the difference when our unit is not working correctly. Love Puronics and Love Brian

Mary Beth Sheridan - Cold Spring, KY
Dealer: Brian Moore

>>Great Product & Even Better Customer Service
I have been a faithful Puronics customer for over 22 years and 2 systems later, soon to be 3. My service technician (Don), who stopped by for a filter change, discovered through his routine
service check that several parts needed replacing, took the time to explain in detail my options. The decision was made to purchase an upgraded system. Although I was disappointed about the unplanned expense, Don did a fantastic job of reassuring me that the expense would be worth it in the long run. I appreciated the fact that he was empathetic towards my concerns, especially
from a financial standpoint. Don has a great work ethic, unusual in customer service delivery these days. I would highly recommend Don to anyone considering the servicing and purchase of a Puronics system.

Steve Fortunski - Fairfield, Ohio
Dealer: Cincinnati Area

>>I look forward to using our new system!
Mike from the Columbus Ohio office installed our system today and he was
terrific! He was polite and very professional. There was more than one
place the unit could have been installed and he agreed to take the time to
do all the extra rerouting of our pipes so that we wouldn't lose valuable
space in the basement. My husband is very particular with this space which
is small but has all his tools and tool chests and Mike got the water
softener installed right where we wanted it. He then took the time to
explain the system to me and was very patient. He definitely knows how to
take care of the customer! I would recommend you to anyone. The experience
was great. I look forward to using our new system!

Stephanie and George Archibald - Gahanna, OH
Dealer : Columbus OH

>>Service call
Tony Tonkovich is a technician for Puronics, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. He serviced our water system today and was very knowledgable and professional. He took time to educate and explain
everything he was doing. He made sure I knew the price beforehand. He was willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. I would recommend him as a technician for anyone needing service on their Puronics system.

Debbie - Edgewood, KY
Dealer: Puronics in Cincinnati Ohio

>>Excellent Service
Our service provider, GENE, was very mannerly and friendly. He provided us with accurate information to best maintain our water softener and our water heater. He gave us best options for the highest efficiency of our products. He explained the problems and solutions for our products. Although cost was high for us, he made recommendations but ultimately allowed us the curtosy to make our final decisions. I appreciated the 'no-pressure' approach. Gene was courteous, extremely knowledgable and very professional. He worked efficiently in a timely manner as he walked us through the process of checking the function of our systems, and correcting the problems.

I would definitely recommend Puronics and more specifically, Gene in particular to anyone who is in need of services.
Thanking you,
Jeanette Vaira - Pittsburgh, PA
Dealer : Puronics, Pittsburgh

>>After 37 Years time to replace
Stephan and his trainee Mick arrived on time and worked diligently to remove our 37 years old General Ionics system and intall the Puronics Terminator. Stephan took the time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions. Great having conditioned water again
Richard A. Beck - Bridgeville Pa.
Dealer: Puronics in Bridgeville Pa.

>>Fantastic Service
Had a wonderful experience with Doug today.
He arrived on time to do a simple filter change on our 12 year old system
but there were unforeseen issues that presented challenges. Doug spent the
extra time it took, worked hard, and got the system running better than
ever. Can't thank Doug enough!

Tim - Covington
, KY
Dealer : Northern KY

>>Repair work needed
Tell us about your experience: Don Lavoie was the service technician today
and he was very efficient and polite. My unit is almost thirty years old and
he explained several options of repair versus replace. We decided to replace
with a new unit. I appreciated his thorough explanation and options.

Greg Conn - Springboro, Ohio
Dealer: Puronics in Cincinnati, Ohio

>>Puronics Service
Thank you to Tracy Tonkovich for performing Hygiene Change on our Ionics water system. He was on time and courteous and professional.

Keith S. - Liberty Township, Ohio
Dealer: Puronics in Cincinnati, Ohio

>> Filter Change
Bryan and Dave serviced my system today and did a great job they tested my water and did a full system check very happy with the service

Ellery Dodson - Austintown, Ohio

>> It was good
I love my unit since 1984 I love it. Your company I love they are on the ball. My young man Bryan was great told me some things I did not know about my unit, very polite and helpful, he know what he was doing. Thank you
Madeline Disanto - Perry, Ohio
Dealer: Home Depot

>> Special Thanks to Puronics for their Excellent Service
Back in March 2015, we purchased a Hot Water Heater and the installation services from Puronics. As usual, the service was "Excellent". Not only is scheduling with Puronics easy and a pleasure, the scheduling staff is always helpful and friendly. This is much appreciated. Special thanks to Mike S. for all of his efforts and assistance in providing our home with a cost effective Hot Water Heater and an installation that was outstanding!! Mike (as usual) goes above and beyond to provide what I consider to be exceptional customer service on many levels. Thanks to Clint the second technician on the job for all of his efforts as well. Many companies could learn what true customer satisfaction is from the entire Puronics staff. Mike S. not only installed our water unit but delivers salt on a regular basis. It is a true pleasure to have him provide our service needs. VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Mike S.........for all of his efforts!!!!
Tina B. - Hilliard, Ohio
Dealer: Home Depot

>> Thank you for bringing your water conditioner into our home!
My coffee tastes so much better and I save money on not buying half a dozen things to do the work of your one product.
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Barbara Starcher - Melbourne, FL
Dealer: Puronics

>>Thank you for our water softener!
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for our water softener! Over the years we have used strong topical steroid creams to control the worst eruptions. Since installing our water softener, we have seen a dramatic improvement of his skin, to the point of not having to use anything – not even over-the-counter lotion!
letter Read Original Testimonial Letter
Ashley- Jefferson, Louisiana
Dealer: The Water Company

It works and we are pleased!
Our daughter had a health problem and after using the water for two days the sores started disappearing and she stopped complaining.
letter Read Original Testimonial Letter
Mr. & Mrs. Benny Radcliff - Daytona Beach, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

In just two weeks we have experienced amazing improvements in our daily living.
The first I noticed was when I washed my hands. My fingers separated immediately as the water poured through them! And as soon as the water is turned off, the faucet dries without leaving water spots.
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Iris Grimmer - Maitland, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We were very pleased with your informative presentation.
At first, we were very skeptical about letting anyone in our premises but were glad that we made the decision to allow this demonstration of your water analysis. After the presentation by your good selves we had no hesitation in purchasing this system as we felt safer drinking and bathing with the treated water.
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Z. Hassanali - Ocoee, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

In my opinion, this product surpasses the competition hands down.
My water conditioner has brought us nothing but pleasure since its installation. I could not be any more excited about a product than I am about this one.
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Judy Testani - DeLand, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

I feel we have already started saving money.
We really see a big difference in the way the clothes look and feel. The whites are a lot whiter and they smell a lot better too. The dishes get a lot cleaner in the dishwasher, and we have used a lot less detergents with the conditioned water.
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Raymond Davis - Apopka, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We just love it!
My skin feels a lot softer, I don't use as much shampoo and soap, there's no ring around the sink after washing and shaving, the shower stays cleaner, and my hair is softer after I shampoo.
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Ernest Riendeau - Ocoee, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We love the way our skin feels after showering.
We have piece of mind knowing our family's drinking water is clear and clean, no longer slowly making us ill. Our ice cubes and drinking water taste smooth and crisp since we've had our system installed.
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Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Haner - St. Cloud, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

All of your employees were very courteous and answered my questions.
I was very pleased with your presentation and knowledge of your product and the amount of time you took to do so. As of this date it has been only a short time since it was installed. Only time will tell how it performs over a long period of time. If it does so it will be well worth the cost.
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Gordon Wanless - Rockledge, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

I recommend the water system to anybody.
I am very happy with the system, my skin feels a lot better and my hair is more manageable. The water tastes 100% better especially my coffee.
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Daisy Flores - Palm Coast, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

The Ionics Water Treatment system is the best investment I have ever made.
My health is the most important thing in my life. I love the water in my home now. It's like Christmas everyday.
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Roberta Hornbrook - Merritt Island, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Amazing to find myself enjoying a second cup of coffee!
Previously the first and only cup was difficult to get down due to the poor taste caused by our water source. Our shower, which was a nightmare to clean, is now free of "hard water build up"; clothes laundered have a fresh and clean look.
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Marguerite Mercier - Palm Bay, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

I am totally satisfied!
My entire family is benefiting from the pure water throughout the house and our costs have been reduced.
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Roy Cook - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We stopped buying bottled water.
I really like the water treatment system, as it made our water much better. We stopped buying bottled water, as the water from the tap tastes great and doesn't smell of chlorine.
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Alla Krivdyuk - St. Augustine, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

It truly is a great investment for your home.
My husband and I enjoyed Peter's full and complete demonstration. He really opened our eyes to the underlying issues of water and what we could save. So far we have enjoyed the system and can see and taste the difference.
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Robert & Nancy Wiltshire - Bartow, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Thank you!
Thank you for the Ionics water softener. The water quality it better now. Installed on time by tech as promised.
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Mike Harvey - Oviedo, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We have noticed a huge difference in the water.
I just wanted you to know we have noticed a huge difference in the water. The taste is better than any bottled water. Our skin has always been dry and itchy and since the system was installed it has been getting better and better.
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Marna Alexander - Kissimmee, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We can taste the difference.
The system is great, wonderful, we love it so much. We can taste the difference in the water we drink!
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Robert & Daniela Rutherford - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We are extremely happy with our Ionics Water Filtration System.
The first day it was installed I noticed a dry flaking spot on my hand had cleared up. Within a week, we all had softer skin. Both my husband and myself would highly recommend your products to anyone interested in better tasting water, softer skin and cleaner rinses!
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Lynda & Michael Potter - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Our water bill has gone down by 15% a month.
My family and I are happy with the Ionics filter. We have noticed immediately the change in our skin and hair. My father's wife came to visit and her skin has all kinds of allergies. After taking a shower, she immediately noticed a change.
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Madeline Pereira & David Feliciano - Winter Haven, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

I love my new Ionics system.
The day after it was installed I emptied my hot tub and refilled it so it would be filled with treated water. It makes housework a little easier as things clean up much better with pure water.
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Sandra Curtis - Deltona, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We like drinking our water directly from the tap.
How to realize your softener is working - try putting 2 "pumps" of clothes soap in washer - one finds out REAL quick! So far we like having NON-smelly water and being able to drink our water directly from the tap.
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Mark & Lou Gordon - Poinciana, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

I love not having to buy bottled water!
The water system is great so far! We just have to remember to turn it on city water to water the yard. The salt is not so good for plants! I love not having to buy bottled water!
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Patty Shinn - Jacksonville, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We should have gotten this a long time ago.
We are really enjoying our spa at home. This is the way it seems when we take a shower or wash dishes, and even washing clothes. For the last year or so my husband has had a bacteria infection on his skin and back of neck. It looks clear now. And he says it feels better. I told him all along it was our water. We are glad we switched.
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Dorothy Jackson - Sanford, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We love it.
We are happy with the change of the water. The taste is much better now than before. The water is very good to drink and to get showers. The soap that they gave me is good too. We are using it and the results are great.
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Juan Rodriguez - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We are the proud owners of an Ionics water treatment system.
When we agreed to let someone come out to our home, we also agreed that we were not buying a water purifier. Well, after listening to the information, especially the cancer causing things in the hard water, we are now the proud owners of an Ionics water treatment system and are very happy with it.
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Marjorie Montgomery - Casselberry, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Thanks for bringing this system to our attention.
I now have very clean hands after feeling like my hands were dirty all the time after moving here. My cuticles are healing nicely. Henry is carrying his water jug with him.
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Barbara Willhoeft - Kissimmee, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

So far I am very impressed.
I never thought that my city water was as bad as the water in my pool, but Ionics actually showed me that it was worse. After two weeks my wife and I have noticed softer skin and hair, and the life of one bar of soap has actually doubled. I must admit, I was very skeptical, but so far I am very impressed.
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Thomas H. Walker, Jr. - Bartow, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Best tasting water we've ever had!
I'm glad that we set up the appointment with Christopher to talk about your water system. He was very informative and honest, both of which are rare qualities in a salesperson. We love our water system and are amazed that the water coming out of all our taps is the best tasting water we've ever had.
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Ricardo & Katharina M. - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

The health benefits more than outweigh the cost.
Just knowing that my family will have clean, treated water from now on is more than I could ask for. My overall experience with Ionics has been, to say the least, surprisingly wonderful. All that we have come in contact with have great customer service, and having clean, treated and soft water is a blessing.
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Maria Clea Dulay - Ormond Beach, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I want you to know how happy I am to have good, clean, "silky" water. It feels so good. In fact, I want to stay in the shower a long time. Before I got the water system, I could hardly wait to get out of the shower, but now I feel so clean and "silky". I even like doing my dishes now! Boy, that's a switch!
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Marylou Stephens - Sanford, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Our unit is functioning perfectly. I have been promoting your product to my co-workers and my neighbor across the street as well.
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Jane Kelly - Deltona, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

We are more at ease with the Ionics system.
Thank you for introducing us to the benefits of Ionics water. Our family is new to Florida and we were unaware of all the health hazards of the water system.
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Rebecca Wilson - Yulee, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

>> I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied with the water treatment I got installed. The installation was very professional and the staff very helpful. The seller was very helpful and knowledgeable.
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Sandra Espinel - Orlando, FL
Dealer: Great Southern Water

Customer Loyalty
I've been a customer since the late 90's and I have been very satisfied with the service from Great Southern as well as my water system.
Arie Naaktgeboren - Ovieto, FL
Dealer : Great Southern Water

>>Quality Service
The serviceman came on schedule and performed the service with care and expertise. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction and product is working as it should and has been since it's purchase.

It's nice to have the quality water for all home use.

Not only that, but I also supply the portable water for our church for adult coffee and juice drinks for all the kids. Having this unit certainly saves on the body, cloths, and convenience.

Myron S. Kulik - Land o'Lakes, FL
Dealer : Great Southern Water

>>Water System
You were very knowledgeable about your product not only that you were incredibly willing to answer all my questions very professional and help willing to do what you can to make sure customer is satisfy in the product thank you

Rober Trujillo - Orlando, FL
Dealer : Southwestern Water System

>>My new Puronics Water System
I just moved to Orlando, FL and purchased a new home. I was not aware of how harsh the water is here. I could see the hard water stains on my shower glass doors, on all water fitting in the entire home, and especially on my skin; I itched all over after taking a shower....everyday. I was fortunate that a Puronics dealer came by and provided me an extensive showing of how the water treatment system works and what it does to my water plumbing system: I was astonished!! I got my system installed that same afternoon by a very capable and professional installer, who answered all my questions and gave me some tips on how to maintain the system; too easy. I am totally satisfied with the investment I made in the system and especially satisfied with results. No more hard water stains on my shower glass doors and no more itching. The good thing about it is that the system moves with you and that is a tremendous plus for me. I highly recommend this product and all the extra benefits it offers.

Ed Lopez - Orlando, FL
Dealer : Home Makeover systems

>>My new Puronics Water System
I once wrote a negative comment years ago about puronics. I think my actions were more out of frustration due to a financial stress at the time. I was contacted by puronics , they proved to me once again how good their product is and I removed/retracted the comments I wrote. Im writing to say that our system is still working 100%, even after the 5 years that have passed since. Its amazing to see pure water clean every thing it touches. Men we all know that women need body lotion, my wife's dry skin is silky smooth thanks more to the water, she still uses lotion but less of it. That alone saves money she use to go through a gallon before,that's exaggerating but just making a point. Getting out of our shower is hard because it feel's so good. My cars come out cleaner and preasure washing takes less time. Although I didn't have to come back and write this testimonial. I felt I owed it to Puronics and the consumers to express our 100% satisfaction with our whole house system. By the way this just might be luck but before the system was installed I was experiencing leaks in the copper pipe in our house. After the system I noticed no more leaks,knock on wood. Witch leads me to think the pipe is not corroding . I used to work in water/sewer utilities so I know the chemicals added to drinking city water. Im not an engineer etc, but you don't have to be to know how good the system works. Im in Florida our water is under ground (limestone) it contains a lot of mineral deposits. This system removes 90%+ of those mineral deposits. Forgot to mention the clothes come out cleaner out of the washing machine(less soap). Get this system period,you wont regret.

Charlie Petrovich - Sanford, FL
Dealer : Puronis of Longwood, FL